Eat ‘n Travel: Stowe, Vermont

I’m a terrible vacationer. Where some people have anxiety about flying, I get massive planning and budgeting anxiety. That means I rarely, if ever, plan real vacations. Mostly I go home to Arizona to spend some QT with my parents, the pups and my friends (and their chubby babies!!). Which is great, but sometimes you need to go somewhere new and see the world from a different angle.

Vermont leavesEnter: Vermont! I fell in love with the state when I visited two years ago and have been itching to get back since. It’s only an hour flight to Burlington (from DC), which, if you’re flexible on dates and times, isn’t all that expensive. Jetsetter has some fun deals on resorts in Stowe but there are tons of cute boutique hotels, inns and B&Bs to stay at too.

Vermont hikingPretty much if you like to eat and hike and enjoy scenic views and drives, Vermont is a good place for you to vacation. A fifteen minute jaunt from our hotel and we were at Stowe Land Trust, which had a series of small waterfalls, a gurgling stream and (creepy but interesting) abandoned cabins along the hike.

Vermont - Prohibition Pig

Did I mention the food? Vermont is this hidden treasure trove of spots to stuff your face. Prohibition Pig had friend pimento cheese balls (pictured above), homemade hot sauces and vinegars and salads that even a burly lumberjack would devour. Vermont Ale House‘s cocktail list made us feel like we were back in DC and their flatbreads were a perfect late night dinner. Our pasta dinner at L’Amante in Burlington was belly-rubbing delicious. We were super cheesy and did the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour. Whatever! It’s $4 and takes 30 minutes. Plus you get a free, sizable, scoop of ice cream. It’s worth it for pun-y cow jokes alone! The Cold Hollow cider mill was turning out delicious apple cider and even more delicious cider doughnuts.

Vermont Cider Doughnuts

I went with Jenna and Nikki and it was a perfect long weekend/girls-who-like-to-eat trip. The whole experience was a good reminder to overcome my travel planning anxiety and just get on with it already. Because when this is the view at your hotel, it’s 100% worth the trouble.


PS – We think we spotted a real life lumberjack. Rolled beanie hat, overalls and flannel – the whole bit. No, we did not go talk to him. We were total wussies. And here’s a picture of a covered bridge…because…COVERED BRIDGES!! *swoon*



Photos by me (Alejandra Owens)!

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