Weekend Reads: Lists Of Shame, Trapper Keepers & Chocolate Salads

Chocolate Is A Salad


I love twisted, self-affirming logic. Kinda like how when I oversleep on a work day I tell myself it just means I’m better equipped to handle the stress of the day! Right?! I’m totally right. And that totally didn’t happen this week. Whatever, people. Not to brag, but to brag, I finished FOUR partially-started books in September. Each of the books I had started in the last year but let sit unfinished for some stupid reason or another. I spent a lot of time at home this month (which is not the norm for me) and it’s been much nicer than anticipated. How many books can I read in October? Only The Doctor knows…

Delusions of Anthopologie. Could it get any more spot on? When I close my eyes I dream of patchwork quilts and quirky furniture!

Food can be healing, that’s no surprise.

Is your marriage ruining your career? As someone who really looks forward to getting married, reading this one was quite a punch in the gut.

DC has some great date spots. EatMore DrinkMore rounds ’em all up for you.

Do you ever ask yourself why stupid people are so confident? There’s a name for it. Also, stupid people have no idea how stupid they are. It must be nature’s way of giving them a chance at survival.

A Jedi mind trick that makes cover letters easier to write? Sign me up!

I love my to-do list, but I guess it could also be considered a list of shame?

6 things you should do you in your 20s to make your 30s awesome. I agree with all of these. I’m only 31, so I’d like to think there’s some time for me yet, but yes, do build muscle. It really does get harder to be fit as you get older…and fast. Way faster than you’d think.

History of the Trapper Keeper. *click, snap*

Katy Perry’s new single seems like a good way to start the weekend, no? I’m having a friend over tonight for happy hour on my couch. Which is awesome cause the cheese plates at my couch happy hours are WAY bigger than the cheese plates anywhere else ;) Have a great weekend, lovahs!

Photo via saboskirt on Instagram.

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