Weekend Reads: Sick Day

via Wisuella

Oh you guys, I have a cold. It’s kinda like life is just pummeling me with sad or stressful things lately and this is the universe saying, “DEAR GOD WOMAN WOULD YOU PLEASE JUST TAKE A BREAK AND RELAX!!!!” Fine! Fine. I’ll sit here, sniffly, sneezy and looped up out of my gourd on cold medicine.



So while I sleep (and probably snore like this little dude) and shuffle around the house in my “sick mumu” and socks, here’s a very, very limited version of the weekend reads for you guys. No reason all of us should go without something to stimulate the brain, no?

Is it dusty in here? 28 moments that prove dreams come true.

How to talk about wine. Hopefully without looking like a jerk.

If you don’t understand Syria still, maybe The Hills can explain it to you. And if that’s what it took to pull it all together for you, I urge you to read or watch more news. Please.

There’s so much chatter about extroverts and introverts, but what’s the science behind what makes people more one or the other?

Space frog got all the attention this week, but Earth is still really fuckin’ cool.

I JUST learned that 2Chainz has a cookbook. (OMG where have I been?!) Grub Street has the best lines from it. My fave:

“If wearing a four-finger ring, carefully place it on a side table before starting to cook.” —Garlic mashed potatoes, step one.

That’s all I got folks. I’m gonna go eat some hot and sour soup and watch Highlander. Because that’s what sick people do.

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