Weekend Reads: Coffee Jitters, Rudeness & So Much Science!

Ace Hotel NYC

Three day weekend + no plans = me. I’m sticking around town this weekend, which I actually think will be great. If I can sneak in a couple non-laundry-and-cleaning-the-house activities I’ll call it a win! Mostly I’ll be catching up on sleep because apparently, a 24-hour trip to NYC can completely put me down! Don’t mind this little old lady, I’m just gonna go take a nap now…and continue to power through this stack of books I have to read! But first, links for you…

New Yorkers (DCers, too) aren’t rude. You’re rude.

One of my favorite good bad movies is League of Extraordinary Gentleman. (Featuring Sir Sean Connery OF COURSE!) But who would you put in a modern day League? Not sure how I feel about Jacob of Twilight…

Do you keep a commonplace book? I’d never heard the term, but am familiar with the concept. It actually sounds like a fun project to start this weekend!

Do you ever get the coffee jitters? Clearly, I do.

Things I didn’t need a study to tell me: my success makes my boyfriend feel bad. *dramatic tear* Whatever.

The female face of farming. It’s still a boys club, but there are women doing some seriously hard work out there.

Space! The final front…nope. Earth still has some mysteries and beauties left to be discovered.

Science is cool, no? Science in six seconds is even cooler!

Want to find meaningful work? Time for a stone-cold evaluation of yourself and what you want.

ICYMI: Domino Magazine is coming back as a quarterly mag! Yay!

30 seconds of Captain Picard saying “Engage!” Because, why not?

Clothes for little girls that aren’t all pink, purple and ooops! I don’t understand math!

Still can’t figure out a trick for remembering affect vs effect? This article will not help much, but it’s fun to read!

I love Penelope Trunk, even when her opinions aren’t all that popular she makes you think about challenging behavioral norms. This week she’s up with 5 things you need to unlearn to be successful at work. #3 and #4, yes!

I love me some MC Lyte and her new song Cravin’ seems like the perfect end of summer jam. Have a great weekend lovahs!

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