Weekend Reads: Oreo Lies, Yelp’s Death & Hoo Hoos

Morning Magazines

I’m looking forward to the weekend something fierce, guys. I didn’t sleep well all week…and for no good reason! I need to rest up because next week I’m off to New York City for a couple days and there is more than enough work to get done. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, reading magazines, leisurely enjoying some coffee on the couch. I guess I should work out? Meh. On to the weekend reads:

This one’s for my office gals: the secret pile of shoes we call keep at work!

Always go to the funeral. Which was a difficult, but thoughtful read.

Photos of the Hell’s Angels in 1965…before their bad reputation got even worse.

Ugh, this one’s for my DC ladies: the 10 DC guys we’ve all dated. Make that ugh squared.

Zabars, my favorite place to buy coffee in NYC, and Kate Spade, my favorite place to magically lose money, have teamed up for the cutest tote/gift bag ever!

How many cups of coffee a day is too many? Mom, this is for you and your (our) 13 cup a day habit!

Oreos lies!!! Double Stuf is really only 1.86 stuf!! Feelings.

PR guy and angel investor, Peter Shankman thinks Yelp is going to go out of business in the next two years. A girl can dream, no?

It was another bad week in the world of women in technology. First, Marissa Mayers’ Vogue debut was met with excitement! Consternation. A shit ton of girl-on-girl shaming. Are smart, powerful, successful women also allowed to be beautiful, well-dressed and, gasp!, even sexy?! My friend Jenna summed it up best: women can be smart AND attractive. Get over it.

Then, Wired ran a list of 101 reporters, writers and thinkers in six different industries that we simply must be following. Except there were only four women on the list. Apparently, in all of the world of writers, reporters and thinkers there are no women who add value and insight! Huh! Crazy! Huffington Post gives you a list of 28 to follow.

A Softer World is one of my favorite webcomics. It’s appropriately angsty, true and acerbic in a funny way. (Tip: scroll over the image for the punch line.)

Fictional couples that made us all tear up. So true. *tear*

Whiteboard art that’ll make you pause before you erase. (Including a beautifully perfect Firefly.)

2,600 slang terms for your hoo-hoo. Or your nana. Or you lady bits.

Shameless plug: ICYMI, 8 tips for brand blogging like a pro.

I love J Crew’s fashion videos. They give you a peek into their fancy, fashionable world in such a soothing, accessible way. This one on monogramming, doesn’t disappoint. Have a great weekend, lovahs! Whatever you do, take some time to breathe.

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