Signs Of Summer


I took some time off, not just here, but from life, work…everything. It was long overdue and much needed. I spent some time in Dewey Beach, DE drinking coronas, eating nachos and laying on the beach. For me, summertime is all about rosé, coronas with lime, sun kissed skin, the coconut smell of sunscreen and, inevitably, the beach. I can’t call it a summer if I haven’t rested my eyes on a horizon filled with ocean.


So off to Dewey I went with my ladies for all of the above and more. I even shucked my first oyster! It was totally fresh and brought to us by Steve of Maryland Seafood. I successfully shucked on my first try AND I didn’t hurt myself. Huzzah. Oh, and they were delicious. Unlike anything I’ve ever had anywhere.

Edie Bee'sWe discovered Edie Bee’s,  the most adorable, and Type-A, candy store located in Lewes, DE. Everything was organized and arranged by color which made me so happy…because I do similar things with my closet and nail polishes.

Coffee On The BeachMornings started with a stroll on the beach to walk Ike (The Terrier) and watch lifeguards work out. Total insider tip from Mrs. Wheelbarrow: every morning around 9am on Dewey Beach the lifeguards run, do push ups, swim and partake in general, shirtless merriment. It’s a wonderful way to start the day. Let me tell you.

Dewey Beach, DE

I’m so grateful I have the ability to get away like this, but now I’m just greedy and want more. Can I just work remotely from the beach all summer?! Ah, a girl can dream…but now that I’m back in the city I’m working on finding little ways of keeping the beach with me. A six-pack of Coronas will need to be purchased, no?

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