Weekend Reads: Asteroids, Friend Love & Cheeses

Be interested.

Guys, I don’t know what was up with this week but man was it weird! I arrived at work yesterday to find an empty spot where my computer once sat. Yep! It was stolen. I spent most of the morning un-syncing all sorts of services and apps, changing passwords and generally panicking about the security of my online identity. Now that everything has a new password I feel slightly better, but I’ll be watching my credit reports like a hawk for awhile.

A quick note before we get to the links though: the idea of being interested…in anything…is an increasingly predominant theme in my life. People ask how I “know all this cool stuff” or chalk up my tid-bit sized commentary on just about anything to the fact that I “work on the internet all day.” Well, no. I’m an interested person. I get it from my parents! My dad reads the newspaper daily (with a recent upgrade to The Wall Street Journal, even!) and my mom is a voracious reader, who’s diving into social media on her own accord because she…is interested! It even came up during our dating and love hangout at work. When conversations stall at networking events or over the dinner table, I always wonder, what is this person interested in, and why aren’t they talking about that?! Bottom line, it’s time to get interested in something, anything! And hopefully share it with the people around you. Now, onto the weekend reads…

This is a nice compliment to that map of all the wineries in the USall the distilleries in the US! Prohibition whaaaaa!?

I feel like I’m in school again! Bill Nye the Science Guy ponders, could we stop an asteroid from hitting Earth?

Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones. I watched/listened to so many Game of Thrones comicon panels/interviews. My head is swirling with fandom.

What if country flags were slightly more honest?

20 songs that are 20 years old. And thusly, I feel old.

If you think your horoscope is creepily on point, just try The Secret Language of Birthdays.

This is a super sweet web comic: I think I am in friend love with you.

Shameless work plug: AARP Media interns are documenting the creative process behind our media properties! Tune in.

Tears of the week brought to you by a 97-year-old, legally blind man who creates beautiful art in MS Paint.  And yes, I bought Woods In Avon for my office.

The best way to deal with Twitter haters? Tell them you love their passion.

As a huge Sex and the City fan, I found Emily Nussbaum’s piece on the show’s fading reputation quite good.

We would like to talk to you about cheeses.

I don’t have a song for you this week (because I’m still listening to Ciara on a continuous loop) but I do have my girl crush, Rachel Sklar, talking lady power, money and awesome work advice. Have a great weekend, lovahs!

Photo credit: I Can Read.

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