Weekend Reads: Wylie Dufresne, Darth Pooh & Sexy Hangouts

Belly Up

It’s hot as balls here – actually, we’re in the midst of an official heat wave. Even Boston is hotter than DC, and that’s saying a lot! My goal for the weekend: stay cool and read a lot. I’ve been accumulating a stack of books to read since the beginning of the year, but haven’t made any real dent in them. Also, I need to just accept that George R. R. Martin might never finish the A Song of Ice and Fire series and just finish book 5 once and for all. (I’ve been reading a few pages here and there to make it last longer. I’m silly, I know.) I’m gonna go find myself a mojito now, y’all can keep on reading…

Wylie Dufresne has opened a new restaurant in NYC called Alder. This video of the work they’re doing instantly sold me on the place, and reminded me of the El Bulli documentary, Cooking In Progress. Both are worth the watch.

22 things most DC people do. Sadly, yes. It’s true.

Need to cancel a wedding? Apparently there’s a business that’ll help you do that.

Blaming everything on our mothers is practically an American pastime, no? But what happens when your mother says she’s “fat, ugly and horrible”?

I’m a Joss Whedon fan for sure. A peek into his mind shows how he approaches getting shit done, and rewarding himself in the process.

What if Winnie The Pooh did a Darth Vader impression? No need to guess.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s 7 word autobiography might as well be my own too.

10 minutes of the world’s longest domino toppling will put you in a zen-like trance.

This made me feel better about being a generational “cusper.” Stuck between Gen X and Millenials.

Shameless plug: I hosted AARP’s first ever Google Hangout! And it was about dating, love and…sex! Don’t worry, it’s safe for work, but we do get honest!

PBS New York dreamt up some horrible, and fake, reality shows – with trailers too!

12 things happy people do differently.

BREAKING: Firefly, Joss Whedon’s one-season cult classic show, is getting it’s own online RPG game. Well, shoot! As Kaylee would say.

Ciara’s new album has been on steady rotation for me the last couple weeks. Livin’ It Up is one of a couple dance-y tracks that necessitate getting up or doing some hard core chair dancing. Below is just a snippet of the song, but it’s totally worth the download on iTunes. Jam on lovahs!

Photo credit: Alejandra Owens (me!)

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