Weekend Reads: Irish Good Byes, Rosé & DC Pride


Between a long weekend and a five day pilates bootcamp I’m feeling relaxed, a smidge healthier and firmly planted in the middle of summer. For locals, I’m a huge fan of Fuse Pilates studio  – their pricing is just right and their classes are amazing. The bootcamp was just the jumpstart I needed to get my butt into gear. If only I didn’t love wine so much, but, more on that later. I’m going to spend the weekend with my tender muscles, recovering, reading and catching up on my shows – perfect rainy weather activities! Let’s get this party started though, here’s some links to jumpstart your weekend and get your jam on!

Science is mesmerizing sometimes. String of beads + jar + gravity = whoa.

Who eats the best in Game of Thrones? I don’t know if I agree. Dorne seems like it’s got some good grub.

My ex was the master of Irish goodbyes. I didn’t realize however, that it’s kind of a “thing.”

Don’t understand the whole “speakeasy” thing? This handy translator breaks it down for you.

Bacon weave Elvis sandwich. Just…no. Stop.

Go to: vogue.co.uk Then Konami code: Up up, down down, left, right, left, right, b, a, Enter. Hilarity ensues. (h/t Peter Shankman)

Nerd tears: Felicia Day’s internet prolific YouTube show, The Guild, comes to an end after six fun-filled seasons.

A rosé guide that owns all rosé guides.

Knocking Yelp reviews is a somewhat tired pastime, but this take down is epic. And dotted with just the right amount of bitchy side commentary.

American wineries, visualized. God, we’re a bunch of boozers.

Proof positive that you can learn to do anything if you put your mind to it: this gal taught herself to dance in a year.

Wearing your 80 hour work week as a badge of honor is so out. Just because you’re working a lot, doesn’t mean you’re working smart.

Got a disgruntled employee or teammate? Here’s three reasons she might be frustrated.

20 ways to hit on women. Spoiler: be a decent human being with manners and common sense.

The New York Times loves bashing on DC’s food scene. But when The Washington Post did it I went apoplectic. Jessica Sidman over at Washington City Paper said everything I wanted to and more.

I’ve been jamming to ZZ Ward a lot lately – good #GSD jams with funky beats, and that husky voice…man! Enjoy your weekend lovahs!

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