Weekend Reads: Excess, Mansplaining & Twitter Rants

Tied Shirt

Talk about poor planning, lovahs. Summer crept up on me and I totally forgot to reserve myself some beach houses and book some trips so I could get out of dodge and rest my eyes on an oceanic horizon. Now I’m feeling all trapped in the city and kinda sad about. It’ll take some creativity but I’m determined to get myself to the beach somehow! *shakes fist*

While I get crafty, you should check out these links! This week’s reads are sexy, nerdy and political…all at the same time. Read on…

If the majority of young people are learning about sex from porn, what does that mean for sex in our society? Cindy Gallop is on it with Make Love Not Porn.

Indie Alaska, a YouTube short series from PBS Digital Studios, has a Juno meets Napoleon Dynamite feel and is just fascinating.

I want this dress but it’s white and I like pasta.

This quote about excess really resonated with me.

The Arizona girl in me wants the aloe prints. Badly.

Want to know your current salary in Silver Stags aka Game of Thrones money? There’s a converter for that.

If you love rap like I do, but are totally disenchanted with the crap coming out over the last decade, Killer Mike’s new album will make you happy. It’s available for free download.

Ever have a guy explain something to you like you don’t have a brain? It’s called “mansplaining” and dudes, it’s gotta stop. My favorite quote from the article:

But explaining men still assume I am, in some sort of obscene impregnation metaphor, an empty vessel to be filled with their wisdom and knowledge.

Are you a geek? Or a nerd? Geek, nerd? Nerd, geek? Another chart to help you figure it out.

As a single lady, I found this list of 8 reasons straight men don’t want to get married really concerning. And short-sighted. Guys, companionship!? Hello?!

The three types of appetite – yes, it all goes back to food and sex eventually.

I had never heard of the UpStairs Lounge massacre, but it brought tears to my eyes. Especially during such a historic week for LGBT issues.

I really adore my friend Liz. She ranted/pontificated on what’s wrong with the Republican party on Twitter this week and, just…*slow clap*.

This week’s song seems appropriate for a hot, sticky summer weekend. Try to stay cool lovahs!

Marshall Chapman “I Don’t Want Nobody” (Official Video) from Price Harrison on Vimeo.

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