Weekend Reads: Aunt Jackie, White Wine & Fairy Tales

2013-04-08 18.46.07

Can I get an AMEN! for some TGIF action today? Seriously, it’s beautiful in DC today (hope it’s beautiful wherever you are too) and the weekend is looking it’ll be a low key, relaxing one too! Not much sarcastic commentary or work travel whining to do this week so let’s get to the good stuff! Weekend reads…

I can’t believe someone thinks Game of Thrones is better on TV. Um. No.

Brian Williams is a BAMF and Jimmy Fallon’s remix of Williams’ newscasts into “Ain’t Nuthin’ But A G Thang” solidifies that.

Got some liquid oxygen and hot charcoal laying around? Me neither, but check out what happens when you put them together! (Side note: Dude’s hair. Wow.)

If you ever walk by the corner of 7th and E St NW in DC you know Ivory Wilson. But this profile peels back the layers of this gregarious DC institution.

Vine is being used for a lot of things, but this guy’s real-time showing of how bad it hurts to wax various body parts had me rolling.

Innovation and cultural/moral norms are an odd pairing, but here’s the story of why we have applicator tampons. Whoever thought we’d enjoy this shit was a delusional, delusional person.

What if Game of Thrones season three finale was played out on Facebook? (Look for the little details there – it’s where all teh funny is!)

Six fairy tales for the modern woman.

We can’t imagine anyone else playing Snape or Allie Calhoun (The Notebook) but look who almost got the part!

All white wine is not created equal. Here’s a handy chart to map out your favorite flavor profiles and dominate any wine list!

For DCers – 10 ways you know you’re a diehard foodie. From my hilarious and spot-on friend Nevin Martell.

This relationship advice was a little gut-punchy, realistic and also a fabulous reminder to live in the moment – for so many reasons.

During a giggly afternoon I came upon this and it made me laugh. It makes no sense, I know.

Hipsters who dress like Aunt Jackie.

Best computer background ever? I say yes.

Alright, I’m off, lovahs. Here’s a slow jam to ease you into this weekend.

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