I Can’t. So, Puppies!

Normally I write the weekend reads from my couch, sipping on coffee, on Friday mornings. I had a week guys. It was an amped up emotional stressful week on multiple fronts, so I’m giving myself a pass. I’m already feeling better though – lots of sleep, coffee and a healthy breakfast will do it! Plus this weekend is filled with a lot of fun and good things so I’m looking forward to it. Next week I’ll be back with some #GSD and some great weekend reads. But for today, I give you puppy photos.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you already know Big Dog (real name: Trudger) and Small Dog (real name: Tigre). They’re my family’s dogs and they live back in Arizona, but they’re still very much mine/ours. They’re adorable and who doesn’t love adorable + TGIF?!

Tigre is really serious and doesn’t like photos. He always turns his head. It never looks like a snub though, it looks more like he has a regal sense of anxiety. Like he’s saying, “You know every picture you take of me steals my soul a little bit, right?”



Trudger on the other hand is a doofus and total ham. Weighing in at nearly 100lbs, he’s all muscle and looooooove. My favorite shot is this one where I put hair clips on his ears and said, “Trudgy! Do you want me to do your hair!” He was so embarrassed.



To close out, here’s a picture of the two of them together when Trudger was a puppy. For reference, Tigre is 25lbs. Trudger used to be so tiny! Have a great weekend, lovahs! Whatever you do, have some fun!

Tigre and Trudger

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