Weekend Reads: Creepy Kids, Dating PR Girls & Alexis Madrigal

Weekend To Dos

I’ve pushed my brain to the max. A lot of travel, fun-but-keeping-me-up-late plans and not nearly enough sleep has me feeling a homebody/lazy urge something strong. Now that the weather has taken on a more summer-like temperature, I must, must, must be outside this weekend but only if I’m sprawled out laying down reading a book. While I say I don’t “tan” anymore, soaking up some rays in an effort to be something darker than paper white is indeed a goal. I’ll double apply my SPF and call it even, k?

As I tick off my to do list I’ll be Instagraming up a storm so give me a follow if you want some farmers market porn and summer inspired shots. What are y’all up to this weekend? If you’re being lazy like me, you’ll love the weekend reads – seriously good stuff in here this week…

I love dining alone, but haven’t yet mentally girded my loins for the idea of traveling alone.

Whoa! Cool! A volcano erupting on one of Jupiter’s moons.

Guys, I’m concerned. Who knew killer whales were such assholes!?

I have such an internet crush on Alexis Madrigal, tech writer at The Atlantic, cutie pie and all around awesome person to follow. No surprise that his advice to writers is sage and comforting.

5 fashion commandments I’ll keep in mind when I’m cleaning out my closet this weekend.

There’s something sexy but still awwww cute! about this photographer’s project: his girlfriend guides him through world travels, sweetly.

Shameless self promotion: working with mean girls sucks, but it’s totally doable. And character building.

This marriage advice actually seems practical.

I love this metaphor for why it can be so difficult for women in tech to reach the top. Seriously, running up the down escalator sucks. I’ve done it.

Is break up in a box the new pint of ice cream?

Local gripe: wtf is up with these insane waits at restaurans on 14th St!? Absurdity.

Oh. Cringe. If texting is the new email, like hell I want work texting me instead of emailing. Because email is where ideas go to die.

Summertime real talk: my thighs touch and therefor chafing is a problem. Capitol Hill style runs through the options to prevent it.

Love this list of 7 things guys need to know about dating PR girls. #3, ahem. Yeah.

To top off the week, lovahs, let’s have a laugh over the funny shit kids say. We already know they’re creepy sometimes, but then there’s this:

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