Weekend Reads: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Junk, Feminism & Girls In Bathrooms

Rehoboth Beach, DE

This is gonna be a brief, and admittedly weak weekend reads lovahs! I got back from another mess of travel on Wednesday (what a mess it was too!) and y’all are headed off for BBQs and beaches and vacations so, let’s get real, you probably won’t be reading much this weekend. Me? I’ll be staycationing, drinking a lot of rosé and hopefully getting some sun. Dear Mother Nature, Please turn the DC weather around for me! <3 Alejandra.

Whatever you guys end up doing, have fun! And Christ almighty, be safe!

It was a big week for social/media – what with Yahoo! buying Tumblr and all. Oh and Flickr revamped itself…and then died.

See? See why I love Midnight In Paris? Because I want to be friends with Hemingway and Fitzgerald! They make fun of each other’s junk and write funny notes in their manuscripts!

I know print is dying, but jesus, Robert Sietsema, restaurant critic and all around amazing food-as-cultural-marker writer for The Village Voice was laid off.

So funny because it’s so true: things girls say to each other in the bathroom.

20-somethings. Don’t waste away your 20s. I completely agree with this TED Talk.

This poignant speech about why we still need feminism made me tear up.

Chris Christie, get your state’s shit together. I might not like scotch, but still!

Alright, that’s all I have for now. Next week should be fun – I have a #GSD post about mean girls and with me catching up on my Feedly and Instapaper there will be much to share! Here’s a cheeky jam from She & Him to start your long weekend lovahs!

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