Things I’ve Learned Along The Way

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So I’ve been taking notes for this post since I turned 30 last year. I figured, instead of doing a “30 things I learned by 30” post I’d do something a little more…I don’t know. Then I turned 31 and I couldn’t really bring myself to post anything. Then it was Mother’s Day and I was reading my notes thinking, “Hm! I’ve learned so much of this from my mother, maybe I’ll do it as a Mother’s Day post.” And I still couldn’t bring myself to post anything.

See, I don’t want to come across as trite. Or worse, cheesy. I really didn’t want to be as boring as some many most of the other posts like this I’ve read. But then, I find myself repeating a lot of these lessons, advice and truisms to friends over and over again, so clearly this shit isn’t getting old or less relevant. Also my mother keeps repeating some of this stuff to me so it’s also not exactly sinking in over here all the time either.

I’ll give it a go though. Call it what you will – things I’ve learned. Things my mom taught me. Silver linings from the shitty times. Or, maybe, 22 things I learned by 31.

Your time gets more precious. Choose who you keep close to you wisely. Because…

If they do it to other people, they’ll do it to you one day too. (You were right, mom.) And honestly…

I really would rather be alone than in bad, or worse, mediocre company.

Everything happens exactly the way it’s supposed to. Really.

Things will get better because they have to.

Eventually, you will get tired of hearing yourself talk about your own problems. (So shut up and do something about it.)

Falling in love gets harder. But the reward gets bigger.

Keep in mind the present you are constructing, it should be the future you want. (Thank you, Cecelia!)

Your paycheck isn’t going to hug you at night, or, a job isn’t everything.

Getting comfortable is quite possibly the worst thing you can do. It’s when your friendships dwindle, love weans and passion flutters away.

This is the shape of my body, I cannot change it. But! I can work on how big that shape is.

The deepest love you have in life might not be for a lover, it might be for a friend.

Fresh flowers & plants really do make a space happier.

Sit with your feelings, don’t wallow in them. (Mom likes to put a 2 week limit on wallowing. Then it’s time to move on.)

To love me is to love my ridiculously loud laugh.

Silence can be uncomfortable, but at times necessary. (Also an old reporter trick for getting people to spill their guts.)

Closure is rare. Learn to move on without it. Savor it when you do get it.

Friendships ebb and flow. The best ones will grow apart and snap back like a rubber band. Don’t be so quick to judge, write people off or burn bridges.

It takes far more courage to let someone love you completely than it does to love another person.

Appreciate what people are capable of giving instead of focusing on what you want from them. It makes friendships, love and work so much easier.

Food (and drink) always tastes better when someone else makes it. (Thanks for all those cheese sandwiches, mom!)

In difficult times or times of conflict, no matter what, just be proud of your actions. You’re the only thing you can control. (Another Cecelia gem.)

Lovahs, what do you think? Relevant? Bullshit? Hopefully you weren’t rolling your eyes too much! And if you were, you probably don’t want to be friends with me IRL ’cause I repeat a lot of this shit to friends when trading advice!

Alright, I’m gonna go play with photoshop trying to make these into pinable posters until I remember I’m not a graphic designer. Let me know what you’ve learned along the way if you’re feelin’ it…

3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned Along The Way

  1. Alejandra, what a great post! And yes, all relevant! I can totally relate with all of these things and may have picked up a few new life lessons.

    Another lesson I’ve learned: no matter how crazy life is, you MAKE TIME for what’s really important to you.

  2. Some relationships end. A path to “closure” is: Accept. Be Grateful. Move on.

    “Wallowing” is the time spent moving from the loss of “what’s been taken away from me” to appreciation of “what that person has left behind with me.”

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