Weekend Reads: She-Ra, Mentors & John Krasinski


Know what I need? That. I need a beach. I need the rhythmic slosh of water rolling up on the beach. Like a baby with one of those sound machines, I’ll be out like a light. This week has been more jet setting, ending with some family time. Much needed family time. Along the way I’ve met fun people, smart people, annoying people and everything in between which is always great.

Perhaps the best part of going home is hugs from my mother, but then there’s the animals. If you know me you’ve probably heard my description of the symphony of sounds I wake up to (usually way too early) when I’m back at home. First it starts with a consistent thudding of Big Dog’s (he’s almost 100lbs) tail, followed by a slightly less dense thudding of Small Dog’s (he’s only 25lbs) tail beating on the wall of the hallway (conveniently situated by the door to my room). They’re so excited to see everyone awake! Hello! I haven’t seen you in hours! It’s YOU!! Then it’s our two parakeets, Mr. Blue and Jasper, squawking to greet my father who they have imprinted on. All this goes on for the next hour or so making it nearly impossible to ignore and thus, nearly impossible to sleep in. If I can snap pics of these beasts, I will. But for now, on to the links…

Embracing who you are is hard enough in life, but coming out (and being an athlete to boot) adds another layer. Such an endearing young man with a powerful perspective.

Girls need role models, and not of the Disney princess variety.

This had me in stitches: I Tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s Diet…And I Got A Rash On My Face.

For men (and women): a guide to communicating your needs in a relationship. Please people, figure this out asap. Makes it easier for all of us.

The 7 minute workout. I will be trying this…clearly.

Ryan Gosling never gets old.

10 banned music videos…from the days when MTV played music videos.

Fast forward to 2:14 and be a happier person. John Krasinski is a stud.

Could this be the perfect summer drink? Orange Basil Mojitos.

Do you love technology? Want a fresh, honest take on all aspect of the subject? Then check out Lady Bits.

We all get that itch. The itch to find a new gig. Here’s how to figure out if you’re in a good job.

Kylie Minogue as She-Ra. That is all.

Gizoogle.net – search your Twitter account, lose 20 minutes of your day. I especially liked my new bio.

Interstellar memes. (God, I love XKCD.)

Fellow The Li.st-er Meredith Fineman lays down some real talk about finding a mentor. Should you use the dreaded “m word”? Do you even need a mentor? What does having a mentor even mean!?

I’m hoping to drag my parents to Star Trek: Into The Darkness this weekend. I’m prepping by reading any and all Star Trek articles I can find.

50 blogging tips from local blogger Michelle, aka Hey Love.

Game of Brands. Game of Thrones houses as modern day companies.

Have a great weekend, lovahs! I’ll leave you with this Anthropology video. Ever wonder what goes into making those beautiful window displays? This video confirms I’ll never been a DIYer.

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