March Snow Day

After spending most of last week sick on the couch, I was very much looking forward to getting back to work and out into the world. But it’s snowing – glorious, beautiful snow! Not to be deterred, I’ll still get out there, but I wish it was a little more like this.

Michael Kenna

Growing up in southern Arizona there was no shoveling snow to ruin my child-like adoration for the white fluffy stuff, so I still have it. It sits firmly intact, somewhere around my heart. So on mornings like today when I wake up to unexpected snow, you can find me standing in front of the window, admiring the scene.

Anthropologie Tumblr

Snow means cozy socks, turtleneck sweaters I can shrink down into and delicious cups of coffee drank in front of the window while watching the snow fall. So you bet I threw on my wooly socks as soon as I was out of bed and spent a good ten minutes finding my Monday morning zen with my cup of joe at the window.

Tarantule Tumblr

I’ll take this DC snow – which will inevitably turn into dirty slush in a few hours – but I’d prefer to be somewhere more like a cabin. Doesn’t that seem like a more appropriate setting for a morning like this?

Samle Tumblr


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