Weekend Reads: Mellow and Leaning In Edition

Rehoboth Beach 2013

What a slow, quiet week it’s been! Between our fake snow storm and most of my friends being out of town it’s been mostly crickets, which has left me in a super mellow mood. I’m listening to some Melody Gardot at the coffee shop and nibbling on a sandwich. I networked the shit out of this week and connected with some truly cool people, had some great food and soon I’ll settle in to cook and sip some vino. Not a bad and to the week, so let’s get to the reads…

Sheryl Sandberg launched her Lean In initiative this week! Yay! Here’s a few stories of women who leaned in to inspire you:

  • Marianne Cooper – when an authority figure gives you negative feedback or dismisses you
  • Libby Leffler –  taking the power seat at the table (or just not taking that seat along the wall)
  • Jill Abramson – she walked into an important meeting with a killer idea memo & got the job (she’s not on the list but it’s a great story)
  • Gloria Steinem – looking back on leaning in
  • Rachel Sklar – from lawyer to writer to nurturing a movement

Which brings me to a Harvard Business Review post called “Don’t Wait For Gen Y Men To Come Around On Gender.” A little disheartening but also reaffirmed for me that what Sheryl Sandberg has said about choosing a partner being the biggest career decision you make is 100% true. Finding someone who will support my work decisions – no matter what side of the traditional/working woman line they may fall on – is paramount.

People. I can’t even handle this Harlem Shake madness! Even if it was “culturally misappropriated.” But hey, Melissa Harris-Perry, thanks for showing me the real thing. At least the real thing is cool. Ish.

I have such a sweets craving going on this week! Things that need to be made: vanilla lemon swirl bars, condensed milk cake and greek yogurt souffle.

Not shocking, Anthony Bourdain’s Reddit Ask Me Anything is a treasure trove of funny and oft-inappropriate quotes.

I’m in a super mellow mood today so I’ll leave you with this video of dutch oven bread making from Kinfolk.


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