Thanks For The Memories: Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice holds a special place in my heart. See, there was a location of this smoothie chain not far from my Phoenix, Arizona, high school. Young, rebellious students that we were, sneaking off campus a little bit early to extend our off-campus lunch time was our singular goal most days. The coordination efforts began early — 1st period even. Someone with a car that day would be identified, another would distract the parking lot monitor, then we would all lobby and jockey for a position in said car. Most days we got out of the high school parking lot just fine, other days we were glumly told to turn around and wait until our lunch hour allowed.

So when I heard Jamba Juice was opening a franchise here in DC, something tugged at my heart strings. It was like I was 16-years -old all over again, speeding out of the parking lot listening to a recently released “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin (what? we were young… and stupid… or something). The franchise has expanded their menu offerings substantially since my Ricky Martin days — offering smoothies, yes, but also probiotic drinks, flatbread sandwiches, teas, oatmeal and parfaits.

While I don’t get a hankering for smoothies the way I used to, I may just be seen sneaking off “campus” at lunch time heading toward the red line to nab a classic “Mango-A-Go-Go.”
Read the rest of this post at which includes fun info about Venus Williams and where the new DC location is! 

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