Hair of the Dog Hangover Cure Cocktail

In early March I traveled to Austin, TX for South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW).  Being a blogger/social media geek, I was in heaven and totally pumped for the conference and all its associated parties, panels and networking.

That’s when I got hit with a mega cold, the kind that requires twice the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C and two hour naps every afternoon.  How was I supposed to make it through 16-hour days filled with all that running around, meeting people…and drinking!?

On day #2 of horrible cold/SXSW I was brunching at 2nd Bar and Kitchen (hyperlink below) when I discovered the C-Section.  Despite its shiver-inducing name, it was sort of like discovering cocktail gold. See, this libation contained, among other things, an entire packet of Emergen-C.  In one cocktail I could kill two birds with one stone: amp up my immune system AND get an energy boost critical to moving past any potential hangovers from all the partying.

I think I had that drink nearly every day I was in Austin, and remain convinced it was a major reason that I got through the conference.  When I got home, I simply had to recreate it, or at least come up with a version of it that I could easily make.  My friend Tammy and I came up a reasonable variation that is a great brunch cocktail, and incredibly simple to make!

Of course, you can play with fruit and flavored vodka variations for a customized cocktail to match what’s in season or a themed brunch!  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Click here to check out the full post and recipe for this cocktail on Mother Would Know! 

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