To Do: No Kid Hungry Bake Sale and a Less Fancy Cocktail Contest

It’s take your kid to work day, which is also the most logical day to have a bake sale making sure that none of them go hungry. Also, how better to get people to buy sweet treats like cookies, pies, alfajores and more than have their bored children beg them to do so!?

To Do #1: Check out the DC Food Blogger Bake Sale (details and address above)! We’re fundraising for Share Our Strength‘s No Kid Hungry campaign! I’m bringing Joy The Baker‘s lemon, lime and thyme cookies which are awesome, but from what I’ve seen on Twitter, the other treats are gonna be amazeballs!

After you’ve acquired your sugar high, and have probably maxed out on the whole kids at work thing it’s probably time for a cocktail.

To Do #2: Hit up Young & Hungry‘s less fancy cocktail contest, You Call That An Artini? at Fruit Bat. The cocktail pouring festivities begin at 7:30pm and yours truly is a contestant! I submitted at the last minute as a wild-card…so I can’t promise that my concoction will be good, but it’ll be entertaining! Hint: it contains Emergen-C.

It’s Thursday, everybody’s workin’ for the weekend…join me for today’s awesome festivities!

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