The Week In Food

Well, it’s a little gloomy out there folks, now isn’t it? Know what hits the spot? Grilled cheese. Bowl of tomato soup to accompany preferred, but not required. Washingtonian has a round up of the best grilled cheese the DMV has to offer.

It looks like the food truck regulations have moved to the next step in the process – the public commenting period wrapped this week. Meanwhile, PORC, the Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine truck, announced that they’re going all brick and mortar on us. So much for that myth that food trucks hurt the restaurant industry. And then there’s the new food trucks popping up…err…rolling around? A new gourmet popcorn truck will satisfy our flavored popcorn wants, and a frozen custard truck opening mid-March brings a little scoop of Americana our way.

Food folk around DC are practically chomping at the bit for Bar Pilar to start serving food again. Huffington Post got a preview of how the new space is looking and Washingtonian gives us a run down of five new things to expect of the expansion and changes.

Get the rest of the scoop over at City Eats DC’s The Plate! 

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