Arizona Turns 100!

Guys. I’m from Arizona. And I freaking love Arizona. And today Arizona turns 100! That’s 100 years of statehood! (Yeah, America!)

I was born in Tucson, AZ which is, give or take, 40 minutes from the US/Mexico border. Later in life my family moved to Phoenix where I attended high school. Then I went back to Tucson where I attended the University of Arizona. 2/3 of my life have been spent in southern AZ!

There are so many wonderful things about Arizona, and while it’s definitely not a perfect state (which is!?) it’s my home, and I love it! If you’d like to learn a little more about the good ‘ol A-Z follow me on Twitter today (I’m using the hashtags #AZ and #100yrs) where I’m sharing cool/neat Arizona factoids, or check out my Pinterest Arizona Centennial board where it’s more of the same but in pretty pictures.

Having lived there 22 years, it’s kinda astounding how many places I haven’t yet been! Top of my list are Red Rocks State Park, Greer Lodge & Resort and attend a pow wow (did you know Arizona is home to 21 federally recognized tribes and that reservations and tribal communities comprise over 1/4 of the state?).

If you’re from or have been to Arizona, where are your favorite places to visit?

Photo thanks to ibontxo via Flickr.

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