The Week In Food

How’s your 2012 shaping up so far, eaters and drinkers?

Food trucks are already off to a rough start, no thanks to a continually frustrating relationship with the DC City government. Parking tickets, ice cream truck regulations…whatever…I just want my kimchi tacos in Farragut North.

R.J. Cooper of Rogue 24 recently had his highly anticipated surgery and seems to be resting and doing well. While he’s healing and getting back into fighting form, Rogue 24 has been left in a long list of very capable hands. You can buy tickets to check out the guest chef series, Rogue Sessions, over at Gilt City DC, and then book your table at CityEats.

Just when I thought maybe DC had hit a lull in restaurant openings, a slew of new places have popped up or have announced they’ll open soon. There’s news coming from flaky-crust-wielding Pie Sisters, the Asian-inspired ShopHouse (opening a new location not far from their current one), Irish Whiskey, where you can try $177 whiskey, or maybe everyone’s favorite sandwich shop, Taylor Gourmet, where they’ll be serving breakfast at their new 14th Street location just a week after opening their doors.

Check out the rest of the week in food over at City Eats DC’s, The Plate! 

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