Best Thing I Ate Last Week: Burger Edition

I’m no stranger to eating my feelings, and I’m starting to see a pattern. Clearly when I’m angsty, angry or feeling anything other than my usually blissful self I crave red meat.

Last week was re-entry week. The first week back at work. The first week back on a schedule, in a routine. And man did it suck. So when fellow food blogger, friend and boss lady, @floridagirlindc said to me in a dead-pan-for-fuckin’-real kinda voice, “You wanna go to Fiola?” I was like, “YES, PLEASE!”

I adore Fiola for so many reasons but really all you need to know are two names and it explains it all: Fabio Trabocchi and Jeff Faile. There. Bam! I’ve changed your world. Fabio’s food is upscale Italian at its best, and to be honest, he’s one of the few Italian-focused chefs in town that doesn’t make me regret throwin’ down my credit card for a pasta dinner. Jeff is the bar manager and cocktail extraordinaire. I met Jeff a year ago now at a food event and fell in love with his manhattans. Since then he’s become one of my favorite bartenders in town – for both what he can do with a bottle of booze and for his upbeat, friendly demeanor behind the bar.

So yeah, two girls who needed to blow off some steam found themselves at Fiola’s bar, scarfing down a BLT burger with warm crispy, salty fries. It’s such a simple thing, but honestly, there’s a lot of shit burgers in town lately and this one now tops my list as a favorite.

If you haven’t been to Fiola yet, or think it’s out of your price range, consider a lunch trip! They have fabulous specials and combos at the bar during lunch and the bar snacks at happy hour are fabulous as well. It’s a lunch or happy hour you won’t regret – in fact, take someone with you who you want to impress, because you’re going to look so, so very good.

Photo thanks to @floridagirlindc, Tammy Gordon

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