This Week In Food

Happy Holidays folks!

In the flurry of Christmas cookie/cocktail/where to eat articles we’ve all been reading, I want to take a moment to give some love to those Jewish friends who celebrate the Festival of Lights.

Put this in the “embarrassing” file: Whole Foods went and flubbed their Hanukkah display, which The Washington Post caught, by stacking boxes upon boxes of matzoh for all to see. And then they took it down.

And that Tim Carman. Man, he loves a good DC vs. NYC challenge, doesn’t he? Tim and The Washington Post’s Food & Travel Editor, Joe Yonan, cooked up a plan with Ed LevineSerious Eats founder and serious New Yorker, to compare the two cities’ cheap eats. Everything from burgers, pizza, breakfast spots and bakeries were measured, rated and tallied. Who won? You’ll have to check out the score card to see.

To read the rest of This Week In Food, visit The Plate, City Eats DC’s blog! 

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