Best Thing I Ate Last Week: Doughnut Edition

I had a bit of a hectic week last week. I traveled to and from Arizona in three days time and barely got to partake in my favorite foods while I was out there! I was seriously hoping today’s post would be a ginormous Los Betos burrito or something like that. Oh well. When I return for the holidays (this week – I know. The back and forth is ridiculous.) I’ll get one.

And so, the best thing I ate last week were the mini-doughnuts from the Chinatown Holiday Market. The men that run that little dough spitting, oil vat frying, drip drying machine are GENIUSES. I love them. I love them every year when they show up. The fat kid inside me squeals with joy when I see those white tents all set up and ready to serve me DOUGHNUTS!!!

I know the doughnut guy is also regularly at Eastern Market but let’s get real: a) I don’t need to eat these things more than two times a year, and b) it’s much more special when you only get them every once a year.

And because I can’t just stop there, my number two favorite thing I ate last week was! *drumroll*

Rabbit pie from Brasserie Beck! The crew at Beck has revamped the menu a bit with new items that are great for warming your belly on a cold, winter night. The dish was akin to pot pie, with a buttery flaky crust like none other I’ve seen. Hearty and rich, it was the perfect dish to nosh on while we had a few bourbon cocktails at the bar.

So there you go folks! What’s the best thing y’all ate last week? Any dishes I should be out there trying?!

2 thoughts on “Best Thing I Ate Last Week: Doughnut Edition

  1. Those little doughnuts are seriously the highlight of the holiday market. I almost wish you hadn’t mentioned they’re at Eastern Market – this information is not good for my waistline!

  2. Actually smelled those doughnuts while walking and didn’t stop. Mistake–they look amazing. Can’t remember the best thing I had but one great thing included Kalamata olives. Delicious.

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