To Do: Get A Toy For DC Food Truck Association Toy Drive

Are you a fan of the DC food trucks?

Do you think every child should have a magical holiday? (A fun gift included.)

Do you think buying a toy, teddy bear or board game is not only fun but worth it to make sure a bright-eyed kid who had a tough year smiles?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then do I have a toy drive for you!

The DC Food Truck Association is holding a toy drive for My Sisters’ Place, an organization that aims to end domestic violence and also happens to run two emergency shelters for women and their children who need to leave abusive relationships/homes STAT.

The kids living in these shelters, needless to say, won’t be having the same holiday season you and I might. But if you donate a new, unwrapped toy at the DC Empanada truck  anytime before next Thursday, December 15th you could change that.

I did some shopping last year for my mom’s school’s toy drive and I have to say, $100 bought me a ridiculous amount of super fun games and toys for kids of all ages. Here’s my pro tip: hit up Target and cash in big on the Target branded “kits” of toys. There’s cooking sets, blocks, race tracks with cars and more. Then hit the games aisle. Classic games like Candy Land or Shutes and Ladders and even generic versions of Jenga are all on sale right now. Young kids adore puzzles, pre-teens can have hours of fun with card games. Don’t think you have to go big or go home here…kids can have tons of fun with even the most simple toys (and we adults often forget that).

So will you donate? When you’re buying your toilet paper, or snagging a roll of wrapping paper, swing by the toy aisle (it’s fun! come on!) and grab a toy for donation. I swear, it’ll make you smile!

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