Things I Wish I Were Making, Places I Wish I Was Waking Up In

via HomeSweetHome, via goldenrailwaytrain

I wish I’d woken up here this morning. With just about that much light filtering through the curtains. Mondays could be made better if, say, they didn’t start until noon. Just sayin’.

I baked this weekend – more than I’ve baked the last few months. For once, the thought of busting out the hand mixer didn’t make me want to sink further into my very shmooshy couch. I felt inspired, and comforted by the process once again. It was nice.

Because there’s never enough time, here are some things I’ve flagged as “things I’d like to make but may very well never get around to…”

Someone get me a latte in a giant Ikat bowl and lets call a redeux on the weekend, shall we?

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