2010 New Years Resolutions – The Verdict

Before I jump in on 2011’s goals, let’s see how I did with 2010’s.

  1. Learn how to (properly and prettily) frost a cake.
  2. Sans guilt, purchase at least two kitchen tools I consistently pine over (mandoline, dutch oven, KitchenAid, food processor, a nice knife…to name a few).
  3. Master meat. The Boyfriend (The BF) really likes meat. I’m scared of cooking red meat…this should change.
  4. Rock the crock (pot). A friend (shout out!!!) got me one for Christmas…probably because she tired of me saying how much I wanted one (see Resolution #2).
  5. Make a pie. Crust, filling and all. Like, a real pie. With crinkly edges and slits on the top.
  6. Eat at new places when I do eat out. Eating out is a rarity with my self-imposed budget constraints, but I should get out and try new stuff more often.
  7. Start a blog…take this baking thing to the next level. DONE!
  8. Finally, get back to the farmer’s markets. DC has some of the best in the nation so I should take more advantage of living so close to Dupont Circle’s farmer’s market. I fell in love with Eastern Market in 2008, but not the commute. Dupont it is!

I feel like I was so  epic at the ones I did complete that it kinda makes up for the ones I didn’t. For example: Eat at new places. Wow. Did I ever. I ate at new places like whoa! And my wallet can vouch for that.

Also: get back to the farmer’s markets. I did that! Twice every weekend practically! Me and my markets are back in love!

Some goals I kiiiinda did…like make a pie. I went over to Modern Domestic‘s house and learned how to make a great crust! Master meat? I kinda did that…but I’m far from comfy with beef still. Frost a cake? That was an epic fail. Never did it. But I can frost a cupcake!

I give myself a B+ for resolutions met in 2010. I’ve learned a lot and had a ton of fun in the process. I think I’ll pick fewer, and much more specific resolutions for 2011 but the list is already coming together and man is it interesting!

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