I don’t ask for much…

Okay. Here’s the deal. I didn’t start a food blog to get free stuff…or meet chefs…or become “known”…or anything like that. I started a food blog because I wanted to share all the cool cooking and baking (and occasional flub) I do with people.

And then…well…I kind of fell in love with food (and Twitter). And all the wonderful people I’ve met who love food. And I really, really fell in love with pork belly.

And then I started blogging for Borderstan…did you guys know I write restaurant profiles, farmers market posts and recipe round-ups for them too?

And then today I was nominated for Favorite Foodie in the Washington Post’s #DCTweeps contest.

I feel like a huge dork for even asking, but I am super. Duper. Excited. So…would you mind voting for me? You get to vote for other great folks and bloggers in the process. Just click here and look for me (Frijolita)!

Thank you dear readers…it’s been such an exciting year…don’t you think 2011 is going to be just great?

3 thoughts on “I don’t ask for much…

  1. I voted for you yesterday :).

    I didn’t know that you blogged for Borderstan. Any chance that you could link to your posts there here on your blog? (That way we wouldn’t miss anything, but wouldn’t have to add another blog to our reader.) Just a thought…xoxo

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