Out and About: The Ravenous Pig

I ate at The Ravenous Pig three months ago. One might think the meal would be a distant memory by now. Oh, but no.

Probably because I ate there THREE TIMES when I was in Orlando, FL for just a week for work. It was a $40 minimum round-trip because I was staying by the convention center. Each night, I procured a Russian driver, Eli, who drove me and my dining companions to and from The Pig in an Escalade. Sounds extravagant…but there were no cabs. Literally.

Jeff Houck, food writer at the Tampa Tribune is good friends with Tammy of Florida Girl in DC and recommended (in retrospect, I think he insisted) we try The Pig, and so a gastronomic journey began.

Two words for you: duck nuggets.

Duck Nugget. And some green stuff.

Confit duck. Squared. And fried (I think?). Oh yeah and they came with a salad.

Buttery and not too salty, but sometimes too crispy house-made pretzels. Lick your fingers rudely in the restaurant delicious.

Buttery, salty and carby!

And there was a lamb burger…

Baaaah! Lamb burger.

And tempura fried green bean fries…

Who needs potato fries when you have these?!

Of course there was booze…a classic Sidecar (Larry, the bartender, is lovely…):

Everything a cocktail should be.

So the next time your family drags you to Orlando for Disney, take the path less traveled and make reservations or plop down at the bar at The Ravenous Pig and make your tummy happy. You can find them on Facebook and online.

Enjoy! :)

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