Thanksgiving #TurkeyTalk Round Up

Well, I would say the #turkeytalk chat was quite a success. At some point, enough people were on the chat long enough that we were a trending topic in DC on Twitter! Pretty exciting I say :)

Here’s the round up tips, tricks and recipes shared during the chat – but the hashtag is very much alive! Keep using it on Twitter to join in and share!

Tips, Tricks and Resources

Snacks & Apps


  • Big winner idea of the night: @MrsWheelbarrow rubs her turkey down with bacon fat. Rubs. Her turkey. Down. With. Bacon. Fat.
  • I plan on rubbing my turkey down with butter…and that’s when @ThriftyDCCook recommended Cowgirl Creamery‘s European style salted butter from Vermont.
  • Brine recipe: Salt, brown sugar, oranges, lemons, thyme, parsley. Keep in the cooler overnight w/ice. via @MrsWheelbarrow
  • Everyone raved over Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio book for a brine recipe.
  • Ever consider spatchcocking your turkey, then cooking it on the grill? @MrsWheelbarrow and @ThriftyDCCook are thinking of doing their turkey this way – but be warned – this takes muscle and a strong pair of kitchen shears.
  • There was a debate over stuff in the turkey vs. out of the turkey – some liked out of the turkey because that frees up the cavity for aromatics (lemons, oranges, onions, fresh herbs) others like it in because all the flavors and juices get to mingle. In the end, it’s a personal preference.

Vegetarian options, Sides, Desserts, Drinks and more after the jump…

Vegetarian Options

Gravy and Sauces

Sides, Sides and More Sides

  • Big winner idea of the night: mac and cheese with pimento cheese by @Evan_Halperin (recipe to come – check his blog for it).
  • @ThriftyDCCook likes to keep it simple by roasting sweet potatoes with a bit of butter.
  • @MangoTomato also keeps it simple with mashed potatoes (w/garlic or buttermilk or cheese) and roasted green beans or asparagus & salad.
  • @SusanEJacobson does a mashed rutabaga (Boil sliced rutabaga for 20-25 min/drain/mash with butter).
  • @Evan_Halperindoes a simple brussels sprouts with shallots.
  • @MrsWheelbarrow cooks her brussel sprouts in bacon fat (the stuff left over from the afore mentioned bacon fat rub down).
  • @DomenicaCooksloves the carrot pudding from @Diane_Morgan‘s cookbook The Thanksgiving Table.
  • If you love brussel sprouts and need some ideas – here’s 12 ways to cook them via The Kitchn.
  • I’m enamored with this Swiss Chard and Sweet Potato Gratin from Smitten Kitchen.
  • Folks loved a salad as a side: @MangoTomato likes pears or apples, nuts and blue cheese, @ThriftyDCCooklikes frisse w/ roasted beets, pecans, & goat cheese and I was impressed with the presentation on this pear salad (via The Kitchn). @FledglingFoodie shared a Warm roasted butternut squash & walnut spinach salad
  • @Ted recommends adding a giant tablespoon of crème fraiche to mashed potatoes (adding that sour cream is for squares).
  • @NotDerbyPie likes @GoodAppetite‘s Corn Bread and Broccoli Rabe Strata




  • @DCJosie recommends a fume blanc to go with dinner (and vodka).
  • I like a rose wine…pairs well with turkey.
  • I also like a nice bourbon on the rocks to go with dessert…it can cut the thick, sweetness of traditional pies.
  • @OneVanillaBean likes Pine Ridge chenin blanc viognier or Hess chardonnay for whites. A good pinot noir for red.
  • @Evan_Halperin likes a Sancerre.
  • @Kezzles recommends a nice Rye or scotch.
  • @BoozeColumnist was pushing calvados like it was his job. It sort of is his job. He also recommended Laird’s 7 1/2 yr old apple brandy as a less-expensive stand-in.
  • @Evan_Halperin also reminded us about a rum spiked apple cider.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving #TurkeyTalk Round Up

  1. Lurked, drooling, during turkeytalk yesterday and have already added at a least 2 of the above recipes to my growing Thanksgiving menu. Thanks a million!!!

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