Out and About: St. Louis, MO Part II

As you guys know, The BF currently resides in St. Louis, MO. A few trips ago (much earlier in the year) I recommended a few places that we visited and this would be round two!

So…here goes:

Gooey Butter Cake at Coffee Cartel – I already told you about Coffee Cartel but what I didn’t tell you about is their to-die-for gooey butter cake. Gooey butter cake is St. Louis’ “thing.” It’s their official, heart-stopping cake. Apparently, it’s not even considered a dessert cake…you’re supposed to eat this for breakfast! Well. If that’s not starting the day right, I don’t know what is cause this stuff rocks.

St. Nicholas Greek Festival – This was our second year attending the festival…the first time we stumbled on it when we were out for a walk. This time it was a fluke that I was in town on the right weekend. It’s like the Gods wanted me to eat souvlaki and spanakopita until I couldn’t look at another slice of pita for another year.

The festival is HUGE…two tents…atleast 10 separate food stops serving everything from gyros to Greek desserts to Greek wines and beers. This stuff is legit. There’s no faking it here. Real Greeks, making real Greek food serving it to people making awkward My Big Fat Greek Wedding jokes. Hundreds of people filter through the lines for a chance to stuff themselves silly and plop down for live music and dancing shows. It’s worth planning your trip to St. Louis around this!

Beer Cheese Bacon Soup at Hammerstones – The BF was pretty adamant that I try this soup. It was a perfect Fall weather the weekend I was in St. Louis so a thick, creamy, warm soup was just what I was craving. He  warned me: eating this soup would be a messy endeavor. Strings of melted, gooey cheese would form with every scoop of my spoon. In the end, it wasn’t quite that bad but the soup exceeded the hype and won a spot in my heart for “zomg best soup ever!!”

House-made Mini Corn Dogs at Tin Can Tavern – Yeah you heard me right. House-made. Mini. Corn dogs. And they taste as good as they sound. I really don’t think I have to explain much further. And Tin Can has an INSANE beer selection – which pairs nicely with the mini corn dogs :)

That’s all I have for now folks, but I’ll be sure to keep sharing all the great food St. Louis has to offer. I have a few places on  my wish list. The BF has been warned.

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