Proper Topper Clothing Swap!

Hi friends! This has something to do with food. I promise. Just wait for it!

This Sunday, September 26th from noon-4pm Proper Topper Georgetown will be hosting a clothing swap. So ladies, this is the perfect excuse to riffle through your drawers and your closet(s) and gather your gently used, always loved but not worn anymore clothes for a good cause.

See, if you bring them over to Proper Topper not only do you get to swap clothes with other fashionable ladies, but any clothes left over will be donated to Martha’s Outfitters – a community resource for folks who need an affordable option for clothing.

There’s a small, $5 door fee that goes directly to Martha’s Table – and I don’t think I need to tell DC-ers what great work they do for the community.

You’ll also get great discounts on Winter accessories (new hat anyone!?!) if you participate.

Here’s the food part. After the DC Food Bloggers Bake Sale for Haiti, Tammy (Florida Girl in DC) made friends with Anna at Proper Topper. So now that she’s organizing for a great cause, she asked if we’d be interested in baking some treats for the event!

Tammy and I will be there with our clothes and some sweets for everyone to nosh on! I’m thinking of making the Crinkly Lemon Cookies and maybe a bar of some sort. Or a brownie. Or a tart. Or a…oh I don’t know. You’ll just have to show up to see :)

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