Figs with Bleu Cheese & Honey

Sometimes the tastiest things are the simplest things.

I am really excited that figs are in season. They’re not usually high on my list of “gosh I really want to eat that” things, but Arugula Files’ post reminding us all they are finally in season reminded me of something.

My Grandmother had a fig tree in her backyard when I was growing up. I never understood the strange fruit, and I don’t remember particularly loving them but they do remind me of being young and curious and, of course, my Grandmother.

So when I saw a figs-stuffed-with-cheese recipe in my newly purchased Farmers Market Desserts book I was pretty excited. The recipe in the book is simple to begin with, but I was feeling downright lazy. It was more than enough that I’d gotten up way too early on a Sunday to hunt down figs at the Dupont Farmers Market (which can be found at the Country Pleasures Farm stand in very limited quantities).

So I stuffed them with bleu cheese and drizzled them with honey and called it a day. And ate them. I ate them all.

Think about those heavy fall dinners that are coming our way…I don’t know about you, but I still want dessert! This would be the way to go!

Enjoy :)

Figs with Bleu Cheese & Honey

Inspired by a recipe from Farmers Market Desserts

5 small or medium figs (Mission figs are the black ones)

1/4c bleu cheese

2 tbsp honey (I think a lavender or white truffle honey could make this really special)

If the fig can’t stand up on its own, trim a tiny tiny bit off the bottom so it has a stable base. Trim just the tipy tips off so the stems aren’t on anymore. Now cut them in quarters but stop just a quarter inch from the base. You want them to open a bit so you can stuff them, but not slice them all the way through.

Stuff each fig with the cheese…as much or as little as you like.

Drizzle the figs and cheese (and plate cause it’s pretty) with honey.

Voila! Done! Eat!

7 thoughts on “Figs with Bleu Cheese & Honey

  1. Want some really good honey that would go great with these? Drop by the MD Renaissance Faire and visit The Bee Folks ( They’re based locally and they have about 10 different flavors of honey to choose from (they will let you taste any of the). I’m thinking a Southern Belle or Snowberry honey would be fun on these figs.

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