Super Secret Hot Dogs at Bourbon Steak

I don’t usually post restaurant items here, but on occasion there’s a deal too good or too tasty to pass up. I have to share this with you guys. Sorry folks outside of DC : ( this is a local’s deal only.

Bourbon Steak DC, located in the Four Seasons is serving up a Red Apron artisanal hot dog with a pint of beer (Dogfish Head most likely) for $7. Here’s the hitch though: you can only get this deal this month, in the lounge/bar area…and it’s not on the menu…just gotta ask for it.

It comes with the house relish on top – um…clearly I had mine fancied up a bit. But you can order the duck fat fries (I die!) or the onion rings (*falls over*) as sides and you’ll be a happy happy camper.

Yep. Enjoy that one, folks.

One thought on “Super Secret Hot Dogs at Bourbon Steak

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