Plums and Plum Cake

Let me guess. You’re going to the market this weekend? You’re going to see a sea of red and white plums. Kind of like this…

…and you’re tooootally thinking, “Hm! What should I do with those?” Um. You’re going to make plum cake with them. Get two boxes. Yeah…$14 of plums. What of it? You’re going to love me later for this. Seriously. Get the plums. And then make this cake. The plum cake.

I made it back during Snowmageddon when plums were definitely not in season. But now that they are, there’s no excuse. They’re smaller than your grocery store plums, so instead of slicing them into little wedges, just cut them in half and load up the bottom of your pan with them halves, cut-side down.

The tartness of the plums contrasting with the smooth, sour of the cake (there’s sour cream in it) makes for a farmers market orgasmic-type experience. I’d even go so far as to say it’s the perfect summer cake. The perfect summer dinner party cake. The perfect party on my rooftop cake. Get it? Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Plums and Plum Cake

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