It’s ok…(continued)

Last week I started a foodie’s/food blogger’s list of things that are TOTALLY OK TO DO. Things that might seem weird or contrary, but hey, we’ve all experienced ’em so why don’t we just cut ourselves a break.

So, here’s a few more from the comments and Twitter…

It’s OK…

… to eat Funyuns with Nutella. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. (Shaw Girl)

….to think ingredients like anchovies and fish sauce sound gross. (Me)

…to spend the better part of a day buying ingredients for a new recipe then (due to getting tired from the hunt) deciding to wait a day to cook. And ordering from your favorite takeout place for dinner. (Sam Edwards)

…to liberally employ the 5 second rule if no one’s looking. (Right?!) (Me)

…to buy all the ingredients for the perfect meal, get stuck in crazy Atlanta traffic on the way home, get caught in a downpour while carrying groceries inside & ultimately say “screw it” & just order in dinner to go w/ your really nice bottle of wine!! (Amelia)

…to eat Cool Ranch Doritos dipped in Cake Frosting. (Tammy)

…to not partake in a porron because you’re wearing a white shirt! See here. (Me)

…to buy a green tomato… and watch it turn yellow because it’s too hot to fry anything. (Tammy)

…to order take out. (Tammy)

Ok…seriously ladies. I see two trends here. It’s okay to eat weird flavor profiles together and order out after shopping for a meal. Permission granted.

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