It’s ok…

First order of business…anyone know what this tulip-shaped veg is?! Sorry – I don’t have a prize for whoever gets it right first. Just glory and pride.

On to the post now…

Ladies who read Glamour will know what I’m talking about here…there’s always a page in Glamour magazine that lists things that are completely OK to do, think or say even though most of us might think it’s a little weird. Examples include: It’s OK……to start your to-do list with a task you’ve already done, or …to begin thinking about lunch at 9:35 A.M.

I’ve found that sometimes we all need permission to let go a little. I do at least. So I’m going to do the food blogger’s version of It’s Ok…

It’s Ok…

…to buy cookbooks just because they’re pretty…or have Ludo Lefebvre on the cover.

…to put down the DSLR/point-and-shoot and not take pictures of every meal you make/eat.

…to think cupcakes are stupid and that whoopie pies are the next big thing.

…to get ridiculously, giddily, unabashedly excited when a celebrity chef talks back to you on twitter.

…and to still think those very chefs are kinda a-holes when they talk crap about food bloggers.

eat most of the curd/batter/dough for those bars/cakes/cookies before they even go in the oven.

…to all but lose your shit over a recipe that seemed so simple at first.

…to fail in the kitchen and subsequently blog about it.

…to eat at the bar because you can’t afford the dinning room.

…to run to the grocery store mid-recipe assembly to purchase that one ingredient you forgot.

…to eat the majority of those cookies you “made for your coworkers.”

…to sometimes forget an ingredient…you live, you learn.

…to look at a recipe with more than 5 ingredients and think, “Oh hell no I’m not making that!”

What do you guys think? You’re all passionate cookers, bakers, eaters and food-lovers…what would you say “It’s OK…” to?

10 thoughts on “It’s ok…

  1. It’s OK to spend the better part of a day buying ingredients for a new recipe then (due to getting tired from the hunt) deciding to wait a day to cook. And ordering from your favorite takeout place for dinner.

  2. it’s OK to buy all the ingredients for the perfect meal, get stuck in crazy Atlanta traffic on the way home, get caught in a downpour while carrying groceries inside & ultimately say “screw it” & just order in dinner to go w/ your really nice bottle of wine!!

  3. – To eat Cool Ranch Doritos dipped in Cake Frosting
    – To buy a green tomato… and watch it turn yellow because it’s too hot to fry anything.
    – To order take out.

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