Tip: Pitting a Cherry

Oh. Wouldn’t it be grand if we could all have enough kitchen drawer space for fancy, unitasking tools like this. The beloved cherry pitter?

Well. I don’t. And I wasn’t gonna go buy one just for my cherry almond cake! Que…The Kitchn. A wonderous, useful blog. A daily read for me. Chock full of kitchen porn and tips and recipes.

A long, long while ago I came across this post on using a pastry bag tip to pit cherries and it never left my mind. I have a memory like an elephant, or, if you’re talking to my mother, like an Apache. (True story, my Great Grandpa on my mom’s dad’s side was 100% Apache.)

Anyway. Let’s put it this way…the cherries didn’t have a chance.

To summarize The Kitchn’s post…snap the stem off (aaaah!), center the top of the cherry on the pastry bag tip (where the stem used to be…muahahaha) and push (*gurgle*eeeeee!).

Best-case scenario the tip pushes the pit right out. Worst-case it ruptures the cherry in half…ish. Either way, the cherry has been split open so you can extract the pit with your hand, and slice/chop the cherry if needed.

This method is definitely not as clean, easy or effortless as the cherry pitter pictured above. But hey. Those of us living with 4 square feet of counter space and one 9×15 inch kitchen drawer have no other option!

8 thoughts on “Tip: Pitting a Cherry

  1. It’s cherry carnage! Also smart idea on the pastry tip…I’ll have to try this because I just bought a big ol bag of cherries last night so I could make your cherry almond cake this weekend!

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