Scenes From A Long Weekend

It was a long weekend…an especially hot weekend by anyone’s standards too. By Sunday The BF and I were holed up in my tiny studio and looking for ways to beat boredom. So! We cooked…or I cooked…and The BF had ideas and helped execute.

We made faux gumbo (recipe later)…

…and some soft pretzels…those were The BF’s idea…

…and there was dips for them too…there was The Best Sangria Ever…but it was all gone by the time I remembered to take a picture…

…and I went to the Dupont Circle Farmers Market…

…and bought SO MUCH FRUIT for baking…(and promptly ran home to stand in front of the AC)…

…which yielded some great stuff, and a fail. But I’ll share that with you later. The great stuff AND the fail. Cause remember, I said I’d share fails with you too? What did you guys cook over your long weekend? Anything great?

5 thoughts on “Scenes From A Long Weekend

  1. Your soft pretzels look great, what a fun weekend of cooking and baking you had! I made peach ice cream and peach pie this past weekend. Peaches are just perfect now, so sweet and juicy.

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