It’s A Long Weekend and I’m Cooking

You know what? It’s a long weekend this weekend. And not just a three-day long weekend. I had the foresight (pats self on back) to get a couple extra days off, so for me, it’s a five-day long weekend!

What ever will I do with myself!? I have no clue…

I mean gosh…all that time…to…myself…

Maybe I’ll bake…and cook…and eat…

…and make The BF eat whatever I create!!

So…any suggestions? Ideas? What should I make?! What are you gonna make?!

8 thoughts on “It’s A Long Weekend and I’m Cooking

  1. I don’t know! I need some farmers market inspiration. This week I’ve made a lot of pasta with fresh veggies from my window box garden, but I need to shake things up a bit and add more of a challenge to Independence Day Weekend!

  2. I (and by I… I mean T) broke the blender so I haven’t been able to make some of my favorite recipes. Do you have any recommendations on a great blender or food processor? I feel like making something chocolaty!

  3. It’s a toss up between chilled watermelon-lime soup and a peach champagne soup. This week I’ve been putting together cream sauce pastas with bay scallops but I figure I’ll be too lazy for that this weekend.

  4. first, your photos have so improved!!!! ;)
    I’ll be out of town, so not doing any cooking at all.
    I think you should make a quiche, strawberry shortcakes, and salmon burgers. Totally random, but absolutely delicious!

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