I Have New Toys!

It was my birthday a few weeks ago…and with birthdays come fun gifts!

I got myself a super-duper holy-cow-this-goes-really-fast Cuisinart hand mixer. Thanks to co-worker, Dave, who emailed me from the VA outlets and walked me through all the options…one email at a time.  I’ve only used it a couple times but HOLY MOLY what a difference!

Mom (wonderful Mom!) got me this rolling pin that I’d been eying from MOMA. See those disks at the end? They help you measure the thickness of the dough you’re rolling out! No more guessing for cut out cookies! No more fear of pie crusts! RAR! Watch me roll dough! I can’t wait to put this one to use!

These tools definitely satisfy New Year’s resolutions #2 and #5 which makes having them even MORE exciting!


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