Tip: Keeping Asparagus Fresh

It’s asparagus season! Some of us are going a little more nuts over this than others. (Yes, I’m talking about myself. I’m going nuts over it.)  I want to grill them, roast them, slice them and dice them. I’d rather snack  on the ‘gus than one of those scary baby carrots!!

But. How to keep them fresh? How many times have you bought a bunch over the weekend only to watch them wither and shrivel up as the week goes by? No more!

Put them stalks in water like they’re flowers! It looks silly in the fridge, but consider this: at the farmers market, most of the time, they’re hanging out in a tub of shallow water. Well, if it’s good enough for the farmers…it’s good enough for me.

While we’re at it, here’s a few yummy asparagus recipes for us to try:

Zuchini and asparagus strata from The Kitchn

Spring Pad Thai from Adventures in Shaw

Asparagus tart from Crumpets and Cakes

and if you’re feeling fancy, a Weaved Asparagus Salad from Food Mayhem


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