Cochon 555 (aka Pork x 5)

What is Cochon 555? Put simply, it’s 5 chefs, 5 pigs (exceptionally large ones) and 5 wine makers.  Put even more simple, it’s a lot of freakin’ pork…and you get to eat it all. But…”why?”, you say?

There you go.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I ate Sunday night. Take that taco night. Bacon popcorn…

And Porkeos…pork oreos…get it…it sounds weird but they were AH-mazing…

Pork dumpling type things…pork brisket(?) with bbq peanuts…

Bacon ice creams…


Carnitas…I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite…sorry…

Pork noir…it was a dark period…

Seriously impressive was the live butcher session going on in the center of the room.This guy went to town on a 216lb oinker.

I can haz pork chop?

Urban Bohemian took a load of pics that look way better than mine (I seriously need to take a class to figure out how to make this point and shoot work for me instead of against me).

A huge THANK YOU :) goes out to Not Derby Pie for sharing an available ticket to the event with me. If not for her, I would not have feasted so well. If you get a chance to attend Cochon 555, dive right in! I thought it was a great, casual event and a good opportunity to learn more about food preparation and presentation.


10 thoughts on “Cochon 555 (aka Pork x 5)

  1. Looks like it was a great event! As a pork-eating newbie (I stopped eating pork for about 10 years after spending a few months with a family that owned a pot-belly pig) I don’t think I could handle this much pork… still easing my way back into the other white meat!

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