Update On The Weekend (and Goat Cheese Cheesecake!)

To (loosely) quote R. Kelly “It [was] the freakin’ weekend and I [had] me some fun!” I had grand plans for reading and cooking and writing and lounging, and I’m happy to report that I was thoroughly successful by all accounts. I only got to the goat cheese cheesecake and the perfect cup of coffee…it was too beautiful out to stay in all day…but I did plenty of reading!

I’d  like to share my weekend with you in a few photos, but first! I’m so proud of the goat cheese cheesecake that I’m not going to post it until Friday. (WHAT!?) I tried some new things along the way and thought it might be fun to build some suspense by putting up a series of posts that will get us to the finished product! (WAH WAH WAAAHHHH!) Moving on…

How was your weekend? Mine started at Kultura books (OMG I’m so glad they’re back in Dupont Circle) where I perused the cookbooks for a while. I bought Crave by Chef Ludo Lefebvre. A treat for enduring a very long week.

Then at Starbucks (ok, clearly I hadn’t done the perfect cup of coffee yet) I met Addison (sp?) a fiery red-head…

On my way back from The Teet I spotted these tulips at one of my favorite houses in my neighborhood…

So here’s a scene Smitten Kitchen doesn’t usually show ya! The aftermath of goat cheese cheesecake (and candied lemon…yep, I candied lemon for a garnish to the cheesecake):

That was just about every size bowl I own in there. That’s when I took a break and left the house for the evening. But, fear not! Sunday mornings (early ones, especially) mean the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. ASPARAGUS!! Adventures in Shaw and I were fairly obsessed with finding some of the green stuff.

And they even had meat on a stick at the market!!!

As for now…I’m having a snack…writing up this week’s recipes and blog posts…and enjoying a glass of wine. What did you do this weekend?!


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