Out and About: Frank

Ok, one last post about Austin and the SXSW food madness. Frank: Hot Dogs Cold Beer Purveyors of Artisan Sausage. *points to self* Yes, please. Ahem! Me! I’ll take some of that! Thanks…

Starting top left, around the circle and into the center: Coffee…beignets…bierocks! Bacon…cookies & ice cream! Red headed stranger (bacon infused vodka, bloody mary mix, bacon and cheddar cheese! NOM!)! Dog-gone great drinking! Chicago dog! Ice cream cookie sammich (the cookie had BACON in it!!)! Menus…click on any of the previous links to check out the full spread. Chocolate-covered bacon….yeah…I said it. Chocolate chip and bacon cookie (with pecans, walnuts and cranberries)! And (drum roll please) chili cheese waffle fries!

Ah!! I just about died.

That last photo says: It seems to me that people want champagne and caviar when they should have a beer & hot dogs. Amen!

Enjoy…and go here if you’re ever in Austin!

One thought on “Out and About: Frank

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