Out and About: East Side Show Room

Four words. One restaurant. Ready?

Okay okay I won’t post pictures of me trying to do charades and then make you endlessly guess the wrong thing.

East Side Show Room. Here in…Austin. Let’s do this one in pictures…it’ll be fun.

It’s a moody, eclectic, funky, oooooh! Did you see that!! Kinda place. The decor is all local artists’ work…our view had us enjoying this paper bag display…with faces of people drawn on and eerily lit. After I got over the mild creepy factor I kinda started wanting to decorating my house like this place.

Hey there bourbon and camapari cocktail. You were tasty. Look! It’s water…your nemesis. (I’m so responsible! I drink water when I’m out.  My boss might be reading my blog…shout out Drew! :) )

Eat your locally sourced heart out. Not only does ESSR claim to be a locally sourced restaurant, they um, ARE. Here’s the proof! They list every farm they get their ingredients from. And I love this little diddy on their site: “Ingredients come straight from local farms in & around Austin to our Chef who hand makes condiments, mustards, syrups, preserves, pickled vegetables of the season, to braised ribs, the molasses bbq sauce in our lamb/goat burger, and even garnishes such as mezcal cherries, and our own creme de mure for our cocktails in the bar.” Take THAT Founding Farmers.

I got BBQ Quail and Oranges with a side of pickled cabbage and sweet potatoes. That would be two Texas quail slathered in the homemade spicy molasses BBQ sauce and grilled to mini birdie perfection with a side of awesome and another side of yay!!!

I’m so mature. I play with my food. Me: Tammy! Tammy! Take a picture of me holding it up like it’s gonna fly! Tammy: Fine. (My manicure looks nice, eh!?)

So, not pictured here is the bison carpaccio we had…no…devoured. Also on the menu was antelope tartare, but we didn’t get that.

Bottom line on this one: go. Go with a lot of people so you can try everything. And follow them on twitter so you know what the specials are (and to get you super excited about visiting).


4 thoughts on “Out and About: East Side Show Room

  1. Haha! Love the dancing quail (and the not so subtle jab at Founding Farmers)! I sooo need to go to Austin sometime soon and eat my way through it. Your tweets had me super jealous this week.

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