TED Talks on Food

Hi all! Still here in Austin…kitchen-less and wishing I had remembered to write down a lemon curd recipe to share with you this morning :)

Until I’m reunited with my wooden spoon and pots and pans I’ll be sharing other food-related stuffs. Austin foodie posts to come, but here…oh here…are some genuinely great ways to dawdle on a Monday!

TED Talks…about food. This one, so far,  is my favorite. Dan Barber, a chef and scholar, discusses his great foie gras discovery…

More inspiring TED Talks on food after the jump…

More Dan Barber (isn’t he just totally endearing?! He seems so smart and nice…I want to eat dinner with him)…

Mark Bittman is a New York Times food columnist and blogger…and he’s gonna put us all in our place about our horrible eating habits…

Carolyn Steel, author of Hungry City and she makes me appreciate how food gets to our cities and how that shapes our culture…

Of course, chef and cutie, Jamie Oliver talks about how we NEED to teach all our kids about food…

More on our kids and food – Ann Cooper is the renegade lunch lady and she thinks our kids need to eat locally, sustainably and educationally.

Do you have a favorite food-related TED Talk? Tell me about it!

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